Welcome to the Alpshop Pustrissa

We have been passionate about products from nature for years. With our shop we would like to share our passion and knowledge of natural products with you. Our treasures of nature are produced and supplied by selected farmers and manufacturers from our region. We know each and every one of them personally and are convinced of the quality of the product. The work, passion and philosophy behind it always moves us anew.


Perceive and enjoy the naturalness in our products with all your senses.


The origin, the root of our products is important to us.


Traditional production and the traditions of the people behind the product are close to our hearts.

Our philosophy

We offer culinary specialities, cosmetics and natural remedies. Our products are made naturally, regionally and traditionally, from the raw material to the end product. We try to offer you products from nearby, our home, the Puster Valley, and its side valleys. We are called “Puschtra”, we are close to nature, conscious of our traditions and simply genuine.

Each of our products conveys these values.


Pustrissa is the first name given to the Puster Valley. The name is of Celtic origin and goes back to the name Bustrus, possibly a Celtic chieftain. Before the Romans took over the land, the valley was inhabited by Celts (Saevaten tribe) and a smaller number of Raetians. The Puster Valley belonged to the Celtic kingdom of Noricum and the valley may have been sparsely populated. Between Olang and Rasen there was a settlement near the Windschnur burial ground and near today’s St. Lorenzen there was the Celtic Oppidum Sebatum.

Pustrissa stands for tradition, nature and the origin of our homeland, the Puster Valley, which is also called the green valley.